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Central Station Monitoring

ABLE Security, Inc. is a small - and very personal - alarm and security services dealer, and therefore we do not maintain and operate our own Central Station.  This makes it possible for us to shop around for the friendliest, most professional and quickest Central Station for our customers.  The Central Station we employ only provides monitoring services to smaller alarm dealers like ABLE Security, Inc.

We have worked with a number of Central Stations.  Some provide good service, some provide OK service and some don't measure up to the standards we demand.  We are very happy that the Central Station we use provides not just good service, but excellent service. Cops logo

The Central Station that ABLE Security, Inc. uses is C.O.P.S. Monitoring, Inc.  They do an excellent job in providing Central Station Services to our customers. From Basic Monitoring to Supervised Opening/Closing Services, they have the professional team that can provide the quality and high level of service and dependability that we DEMAND for our customers.

C.O.P.S. Monitoring is constantly checking their alarm response times.  In March, 2012, the average response was 17.5 seconds. That is 17.5 seconds from receipt of alarm to call for alarm verification.  If you presently use a Central Station service, can they match that kind of fast response???

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